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Hotel/Hotspot/MTU Wireless
When a hotel guest has a problem connecting to the Internet the last person who wants to hear about it is the front desk clerk. Few smaller and mid size hotels have readily available IT staff and even if they trained their customer service staff none would have the time to deal with it during peak check-in and check-out times. They simply need the Internet access solution to work.

The same can be said about any public access network or hotspot. Guest features need the intelligence to manage any situation automatically, so the venue operator or business owner can focus on their service. Whether wired or wireless, or both, the hotspot that is based on a dedicated hotspot solution is the only way to achieve the desired outcome of a satisfied guest experience.

Cafes, hotels, restaurants, conference centers, urban plazas, libraries and multi-dwelling Condos are some of the many applications where implementing public hotspot access to the Internet not only provides an attractive convenience for patrons but can also be an added source of revenue. SOHOware’s AeroGate™ solutions let you manage a public access application in the manner that meets the needs of the business. AeroGate™ solutions are specifically intended for high turn over guest access applications, offering these critical features:


Effortless Guest Connectivity
IP Plug-n-Play (iPnP): a common source of connection errors comes from pre-configured client settings on a guest’s PC. If their PC is looking for another subnet, then there’s no joy. AeroGate™ solutions accommodate this situation automatically by intelligently redirecting a client’s address request, regardless of pre-configured IP, DNS or proxy settings.

Guest and Venue Security
Layer 2 Privacy: Once connected to a network, a PC becomes visible to the browsing attempts of other PCs. AeroHotSpot™ prevents client-to-client discovery and browsing by blocking IP traffic entirely. Every guest who accesses the network is assured of a secure experience. Options allow for certain IP addresses to be viewable by clients as, for example, to share network the resources of a business center.

Flexible Billing Options
A business offering hotspot access may wish to charge a fee or may not, and if yes, may wish to support credit cards or may prefer Point of Sale transactions. AeroGate™ offers the flexibility of supporting virtually every method of handling the AAA requirements of a public access network. An optional POS station is available to take the complexity out of the cashier’s job of issuing access passwords.

Top Five Tips for Hotel/MTU WiFi Internet System Deployment--
  • An Integrated Hotel WiFi Internet System consists of three key elements: WiFi Access Point, WiFi Subscriber Gateway and WAN Load Balancer.
  • Ensure that the WiFi Access Point is of Industrial Grade IP-50 Rating dust-proof metal housing  and has built-in PoE socket for easy power sourcing.
  • Guest Data Isolation and transparent Client VPN Pass-thru support are critical for guests' privacy and security concerns
  • Design in WAN Load Balancer requirement upfront as multiple WAN links (DSL/Cable/T1) are required to support hundreds of concurrent hotel guests accessing the internet.
  • User-friendly GUI is a MUST as most hotel personnel are not IT-savvy.
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